REW DT Gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery

If you haven't visited the Heritage Centre recently, check out these photos and spare a little while for a visit. The rooms have been renovated by a team of volunteers, led by Alison Mainland and including Alice Mainland, Kayleigh Tipper, Jacqui Marwick, Jackie & Bryan Milner. A huge thank you to all for their hard work and to the REW&G CC for contributing the costs of these improvements. The rooms are lighter and the information much clearer. There have been a number of compliments received by the Heritage Society and to others too. The North Isles Landscape Partnership Scheme is still working with the REW Heritage Society (amongst others) to secure Heritage Lottery Funding for a complete upgrade to the Heritage Centre as well as other projects, this is still likely to occur in 2018, so the improvements to the centre for now are so welcome, thank you again for all the time you gave.