Car club membership application form

Car club membership application form

Membership of Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Development Trust is subject to payment of a Membership fee. For details of current rates click here

To process your application, as well as completing a Membership application form, we will need to see

  • Your actual driving licence
  • Your driving record from DVLA via the “View or share your driving licence information” page available at *

*If you require our help with this, please bring your Driving Licence and details of your National Insurance Number with you to the REWDT Office. You may need to make an appointment, so please call us beforehand. Alternatively you can forward the personal code you receive from this website to us so that we can check and download your driving history.

For details of current lease rates click here

Once the forms are completed we will show you around the car as well as how to charge it, should you need to. We will also show you how to gain access to it at the beginning of a hire.

  • I have had no more than one own-fault accident claim in the last THREE years
  • I have no more than 6 penalty points in last five years
  • I have not had insurance declined or cancelled or renewal refused
  • I am not in occupations connected to gambling or betting
  • I am not in the entertainment profession, including sportsmen and women
  • I will not allow anyone else to drive the car whilst it is leased to me
  • I agree to the Terms and Conditions of being a Member of the Car Club

Declaration by Applicant

By signing this application, I declare that the information I have given is complete and accurate. I confirm there has been no expenditure in relation to this application, prior to being submitted to the Board of the Development Trust for their approval