Brinian Play Park

Brinian Play Park

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The Play Park at Brinian is now open, please see the Galley section of this website for more information and photos of the Grand Opening day.

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To try and get the drainage issues sorted before we get too far into the wetter season, some of the site drainage work has been conducted (tying in with the allotment site drainage work), so we hope to mitigate how wet the site might be if we are able to build in December.
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Planning Application

Using the children's ideas, we have agreed a 'floorplan' with the play equipment suppliers, including drainage, fencing and surfacing.  All of these documents were submitted to OIC Planning Dept at the end of September.  If we are successful in Planning, we are seeking a pre-Christmas build.  It's an ambitious target, we know!
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Engagement with the Children

We would like the children's involvement in the planning of this new facility, so we have been able to work with the Crafthub's Art Club and ask the children to plan what they would like.  A lot of ideas were forthcoming and we were able to identify that the children wanted swings, a slide, a roundabout and something to climb on.  These were all put together to form a draft plan which was submitted to our play park equipment suppliers.        
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