We focus on building community wellbeing through being together and using the strengths of activities, networks and support amongst the people living in our community alongside activities that support self-care and individual wellbeing.


Wellbeing services in our three islands offer a range of benefits enhancing mental, physical, and emotional health. They foster community cohesion, providing vital support networks.

The Island Wellbeing Project is a partnership between Voluntary Action Orkney and the Development Trusts of Hoy, Stronsay, Sanday, Shapinsay, and Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre.

Each Development Trust employs a Community Wellbeing Coordinator, for Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre this is Nicky Jacques.

As Wellbeing Coordinator Nicky develops new projects and activities such as Play & Stay Group, Yoga, Visiting Podiatry Service, Community walks and dance activities. 

Wellbeing Coordinators also provide one-to-one support to anybody that needs it, helping people identify and access the support they need.

We can help with a range of issues. In the past we’ve helped people who have health and care needs, people who have struggled with household bills, experienced loneliness, been unable to access services or been unable to get online.

We work alongside you to help you and support you with your situation, we will connect you with relevant services, and identify other organisations and support services who might be able to help.

Get in touch

If you think we can help, get in touch with your Community Wellbeing Coordinator for Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre.

Nicky Jacques, Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre Development Trust


01856 821229

Nicky can help you with Free, confidential support & advice.

There is no eligibility criteria and you don’t need a referral.




REWDT is registered as a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status. This enables us to apply for funds that are unavailable to other community groups and allows us to own community assets (e.g. land and buildings).