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A group specifically working on preserving and interpreting REW heritage.

About REW Heritage SCIO

Originally created under the name ‘Rousay Heritage Trust’, which became a charity in 2001, the main objectives were, and are, the advancement of the education of the public in the history, culture, natural history and life in the island of Rousay, Orkney, and the preservation of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the island.

In June 2017, the Rousay Heritage Trust was incorporated with the Wyre Heritage Society and took over responsibility for looking after the Wyre Heritage Centre and its archive of heritage material. Contact between Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre and the North Isles Landscape Partnership Scheme [NILPS] regarding proposed initiatives across our three islands was also being coordinated by the REW Heritage Trusts.

Due to the above developments, the Rousay Heritage Trust became the Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Heritage SCIO or, locally, the REW Heritage, in late 2017. Each year, 8-10 trustees are elected to the Board of Trustees, overseeing the organisation and development of REW Heritage projects. As well as this Board, there is also a wider membership, comprised of 50+ members, which anyone can apply to be part of, enabling members to receive updates on various projects.


Within the last few years, the REW Heritage SCIO has initiated several successful projects, with the help of local funders, particularly NILPS (North Island Landscape Partnership), the OIC Community Development Fund, the Crown Estate Fund, The Big Lottery Fund and the Small Business Grant.

Throughout 2021, the heritage displays in the waiting room building at the Rousay Pier were updated and extended. Opened in October 2021, the striking new displays, designed and installed by Rhona Jenkins Design and Marketing, have been widely admired by locals and visitors alike. The displays are organised into each Rousay district, The Brinian, Sourin, Westside, Quandale, Wasbister and Frotoft, and give a comprehensive history of the island, including notable members of the community, transport links and nature.

Wyre Community and Heritage Centre

Other funding sources were obtained for making the existing Wyre Community and Heritage Centre fully weathertight.  This initiative had to be aborted soon after work commenced, however, because the original wooden structure, between the blockwork outer walls and the internal lining, proved to be in a very dilapidated state.  Funding was obtained to build and fit out a new Centre.  Work commenced in January 2022 and was completed in the summer of 2022. In addition, the areas immediately surrounding the building have been tidied up considerably, thanks to funding from the REWDT.

Rhona Jenkins Design and Marketing was also engaged to carry out the work inside the new Wyre Heritage Centre and the community hosted a wonderful opening ceremony on 3rd April 2023, with Wyre’s youngest resident unveiling the displays. A great day to celebrate the preservation of Wyre’s heritage.

Some other ongoing REW Heritage SCIO projects, funded by NILPS, include:

  • Improving the signage and way-marking of “Heritage Trail” sites and footpaths on all three islands.
  • Providing safe car parking and an information board, at the viewpoint and sculpture site, at the highest point of the public road between the Leann and the Sourin Brae.
  • Restoring the Pier Store building for displaying domestic and agricultural heritage artefacts.

If further information is needed, please contact the REW Heritage via If you would like to become a member of the REW Heritage SCIO please complete this form and return it to the REW DT Office.

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