The trust owns 690 Hectares of land – the Trumland Estate. Our community turbine is located on the land, and alongside it the newly opened ‘Heart of Rousay’ boardwalk, affording amazing views to all visitors (wheelchair friendly).

Community education and learning is a key aim for the trust. We secured a grant to supply all three islands with up to date computers with printers/scanners, and 5 iPads which will be available on a loan basis. We will also run community IT learning sessions.

Residents can rent an allotment or space in our polytunnel, as well as accessing equipment to help with growing and self-sufficiency.

We look to preserve and enhance our vital services on the island. We are working with the community to explore the purchase of the Taversoe Hotel, as well as developing plans for the old Pier Restaurant.

Our electric vehicle is available for loan by the community, and we also run a ‘dial a ride’ service for residents who do not have their own transport. The service runs around the island, as well as bi-weekly trips to Orkney Mainland.

The play and stay group brings the families with pre-school children together in a social environment.

We are developing plans for two new build bungalows, and creation of three flats in an existing building. Both will create affordable, energy efficient social housing, bringing new people to the islands and allowing younger people to stay.

“Heat Smart Orkney” was a community-led project based in Rousay and aimed at developing sustainable heating solutions for homes and businesses. It focuses on utilising curtailed turbine power to power innovative heating technologies such as heat pumps and smart energy management systems. The project aimed to reduce carbon emissions, lower energy costs, and increase energy efficiency while creating a model for other communities to adopt similar sustainable practices.

The Eleanor Barr “Heart of Rousay” Boardwalk is a community initiative on Rousay. Named after a local conservationist, the boardwalk is a recycled plastic pathway that stretches across open moorland, providing access to scenic views and wildlife habitats while preserving the fragile ecosystem.

It serves both as a recreational asset for locals and visitors and as a testament to the community’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable tourism.

In 2019 the development trust acquired the 690 hectare ‘Trumland Estate’ bringing a large swathe of the island into community ownership.

The estate, which features archaeological remains including chambered cairns and a crannog, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and community ownership has created employment opportunities as well as allowing the trust to explore sustainable land stewardship and access.


We have our own playpark at Brinian and support recreational facilities elsewhere on the islands.

Residents requested somewhere to store their bicycles when catching the ferry – so the bike shelter was built.  It has been wrapped in images of the island and is now a much visited facility!

We employ a youth worker to run weekly youth clubs for all ages.

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We are actively working with the Rousay Sailing Club on a potential leisure marina project. The project would see economic development near to the existing pier, bringing new trade and tourism.

A fleet of e-bikes and one e-trike are on Rousay. These are for use by both visitors and residents. Tourists can arrive as a foot passenger, then hire the bikes to see the island. Residents can loan a bike to test it out and consider buying their own.