Rousay Eglisay & Wyre Development Trust

Rousay Eglisay & Wyre Development Trust

On behalf of the Development Trust we would like to welcome you to Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre.

2017 Survey Reports.

The final version of the survey can be downloaded here for Adults, for Primary School children here and for Secondary School age here.  The first survey question was 'What would you especially like the trust to do for you?', the answers received have been collated as a 'Mind Map' and can be viewed here.  Hard copies will be placed around the three islands for people to read too.
The directors will use the report to improve services where possible and start projects linked to the report findings. There will be more updates on the DT's progress here and in future Reviews but we would like to hear from any individual or group regarding your ideas on how we can best serve our community and move forward the survey's findings.

Introduction to REW DT.

Our three islands are home to a community of approximately 260 people.  These residents worked together to form our Development Trust in September 2006, with a view to tackling our local issues and improving the quality of life for those living in our communities.  Our aim, broadly, is to help our three beautiful islands to be both vibrant and sustainable.

To achieve this we gather ideas from our residents; identify projects; and with the aid of funding obtained via Government and social initiatives or by the funds we produce from our turbine, turn these ideas into projects or community assets.  In recent years we have constructed the 900kW community-owned wind turbine, provided community gardens, introduced wifi centres, sought ways to make our homes and community buildings warmer and cheaper to run, introduced a grants and bursaries scheme, and we regularly organise the annual Rousay Lap Half Marathon and from 2018 our Peddie Lap 5K fun race.  Further details of these, and other projects we are currently working on, can be found on this website.

Many of the UKs smaller islands have similar issues to ours, such as, a population decline (especially amongst the young), an ageing population, below average recreational facilities, a decline in traditional industries, limited employment opportunities, low wages and fuel poverty. 

Our Development Trust is trying to further enhance the quality of life, preserve our community and secure our future.  All island residents over the age of 18 can apply to become a member of the Trust.  Our directors are elected from within the membership, by the members themselves, and the combined Board makes decisions on what projects the Trust should develop, to try and meet these aims.

To become a full member, with voting rights, you will need to be on the local electoral role and live on one of our three islands.  If you are not on the electoral roll yet, you can become an associated member.

We very much hope that you will help us make a great future for our islands.

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Forthcoming events

2018 Rousay Lap

The 10th Rousay Lap Half Marathon...

New Peedie Lap 5K Race.

On 9 June 2018 we will be holding our first 5K race.  The race will be for all abilities to run or walk from the top of the Pier Road to the Fire Station and back.  Primary age children c...

REW DT 2017 Community Survey

Final Survey ReportThe REW DT would like to thank all the residents who completed our survey, both online and with Emma & Denis Soames. The response was huge with 74% of households taking part, the results will be used to help with DT directors to plan the projects we will deliver in the next few years. ...

Live projects

The REW DT Board, in their 2018/19 budget, have reintroduced the Stone Chippings Scheme and has allocated money, to a... Discover more...
Since March 2012 the community-owned wind turbine on Kingarly Hill has been subjected to higher level... Discover more...