Education bursary application form

Education bursary application form

Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Development Trust operates a Bursary Scheme which is open to applications from individuals resident on Rousay, Egilsay or Wyre to provide assistance with the training costs of vocational courses, development courses, professional qualifications or leisure activities.

Bursary awards will normally be made for up to 80% of course/training costs only, to a maximum of:

  • £500.00 per applicant per financial year for adults (but no more than £1,500.00 in any 5 year period)
  • £100.00 per applicant per financial year for those in primary or secondary education.

If additional grant support is needed to pay for course materials, accommodation, residential events, etc., a separate General Grant Application Form can also be submitted for consideration.

A Bursary Award made for courses which span a number of years is awarded for that academic year only. Whilst applications can be made for Bursary support for subsequent years, this does not necessarily mean an award will be made during subsequent years.

Awards are dependent on the number of applications and the value of awards already granted during the year.

Successful applicants are required to start drawing down awarded funds within 3 months of their acceptance of the award or you may risk the award being withdrawn.


Grant awards will be paid on presentation of invoices and can be made directly to the training provider or into the applicant’s bank account. Bank account details will be requested if a Grant Offer is made.

Please contact the staff at the Development Trust Offices if you require any assistance in preparing this application.

Declaration by Applicant

By signing this application, I declare that the information I have given is complete and accurate. I confirm there has been no expenditure in relation to this application, prior to being submitted to the Board of the Development Trust for their approval