Community Hub

We have recently opened a new community hub and offices near the pier on Rousay. The hub will be the source of information for residents and will welcome external groups who offer help and advice.

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Other Projects

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Trumland Land Ownership

The trust owns 690 Hectares of land – the Trumland Estate. Our community turbine is located on the land, and alongside it the newly opened ‘Heart of Rousay’ boardwalk, affording amazing views to all visitors (wheelchair friendly).

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Community Device Support

Community education and learning is a key aim for the trust. We secured a grant to supply all three islands with up to date computers with printers/scanners, and 5 iPads which will be available on a loan basis. We will also run community IT learning sessions.

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Community Allotments

Residents can rent an allotment or space in our polytunnel, as well as accessing equipment to help with growing and self-sufficiency.

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